Marja Kruik, Holland

The workshop Shakti delight was for me a real meeting with the deep feminine energy. I feel more sparkeling, power and love in my life. I AM A WOMAN.

Vida, Norway

First, I just want say thank you so much for the wonderful Shakti Delight weekend in the Netherlands. Your workshop did so much for me (and still does) and I have simply received a new outlook on life:) My boyfriend was of course also very pleased, and could not stop smiling over my new-found energy. The atmosphere, the spiritual input and especially the love that was present are the best memories from the weekend, and I will be more than happy to return, I am eternally grateful to you!

Charlotte Ottosson, Sweden

I liked the Shakti Delight weekend very much and you had such a fine way of leading it. When I registered, I was in a situation where I wanted to learn more about my sexuality, more about feminine sexuality in general and how to care and express the sexual energy we have. I am very grateful for the experiences and the understanding that the weekend gave.

Sacha Entius, Holland

Marya is a warm and compassionate woman, challenging you to discover your full potential on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Janneke Robers, Holland

Women’s Way teaches me how to be present in my body and remain with my feelings, even when things get difficult, overwhelming or emotional. This knowledge, the experiences, the breathing and bodily exercises helps me become a better womenscoach, a better lover, a better daughter and most of all a much happier me. Who wouldn’t want that? Thank you Ramya for this beautiful journey.

Janneke Robers, Holland

Women’s Way helps me find my place within a circle of women, helps me connect with women on a deeper level. I feel more at ease with who I am and how I feel. My new found calmness gives me enormous strength, happiness and a powerful drive to to do, be and get what I need to live my life in fullness and pleasure.

Inger Lill Solberg, Norway

Marya is an amazing woman that gives generously of herself and who is 100% there all the time.

Inger Lill Solberg, Norway

Womens Way is an amazing program and I can recommend it to all women who have the time to give yourself this, you will never regret. It is one of the most fantastic journeys I have ever been on. To see the change in oneself and in the other women is unbelievable.

Nadine Schartz, Holland

This is such a precious gift for your relation. Doesn’t matter if you just met or if you already are a long time together. It wakes you up and connects you again on soul level. I was amazed how fast we came to the essence! The next time you’re in Holland we will join you again 🙂

Cecilia Gardner Larsson, Sweden

Women’s Way and Ramya have given me the joy of life and my creativity back.
It has caused me to re-discover, nurture and appreciate myself and my life.
Step by step this has helped me to let go and just be, but also to break boundaries and dare a lot I did not think I would ever do.