Marc K., Netherlands

Thank you so much for the wonderful Living Intimacy Retreat, very intense and very good for my relationship with Ingrid, we are still enjoying every minute together now and it just feels like we are freshly in love again! 

Margot van Genderen

My experience during the TSG week has been fantastic. Somehow it has been a really transformative week for me with deep insights in myself and also in my intimate relationship. It was a healing week for me and I feel I have released some old pain. Marya, Elie and all other workshop leaders and dakini’s created a safe and healing environment. Also the participants were a group of profound souls, I experienced  such beautiful encounters, honest sharing and  togetherness. I really missed everyone when I came home!

Janna Lou, Netherlands

What a blessing it was to be with both of you this weekend and also be so close with my beloved. Thank you so much for the wondeful sacred space you / we created and the honest realness.

A very touched participant in Living Intimacy

What a great gift was this weekend.. This weekend made such a great change in ourselves and our love life.
It will never be the same again, we discovered such a beautiful different way of being together, we came home… Now I fully understand the meaning of “making love”. Marya and Elie created such a loving, safe place that we could open up completely . Marya has the gift to exactly point out what is needed to
transform so that everything can flow again and old blockages clear up. There were moments this weekend that were very painful. It is very painful to discover your real fears, but when you go through it, oh my god, what a relief, what a healing. I’m so grateful that I met them on my journey , because it really made a big

Jeroen van der Sluis, Agnes’s Partner

My experience with the Woman’s Way weekends:
I think that the WW weekend bring out the best in women. From the important feeling of self esteem to sensual beauty. I have surrendered new ways of massage and also new ways of sex. Both in the presence of music that was never in our house before.
Every weekend when she got home it was very special. It is nice to hear her stories. I have opened my mind and my heart by listening to her experience and her knowledge. Therefore we got the change to grow together. As a man I learned that I can use my senses more, there is a lot of beautiful things to learn.
When you share the new knowledge, feelings and emotions and be open without judgements, you reach a new level in your relationship. We have grown towards each other, with each other, spiritually, sensually and even more important sexuall.

Marc S, Holland

I had a thrilling and very special weekend. Bregje and I found our connection back only hours after we arrived in your circle of energy. Thanks to you our relationship can be light hearted, fun, and full at the same time. It only takes a look and a laugh of you for us to regain the trust. Thank you.

As for myself, i feel I made a transformation. And that is something to mainly thank Elie for. You are so good in finding the right man beside you!
This weekend was really special because I, in him, encountered and met the caring and loving energy of the “Master of surrendering to vulnerability”.
Thanks to the gift that Elie gave me this weekend by his presence and sharing, I see that this surrendering to what is, is so powerful, daring, and great, that I feel it to be a new realm of living.
This is a new adventurous path to go from here. With Bregje. It will guarantee a lot of fun moments!

Nicky de Koning, Holland

I feel deeply grateful to have been part of the beautiful women’s womb workshop. The soft, safe, ‘sisterhood’ atmosphere that Marya creates makes it easy to surrender. It feels like the weekend has touched and healed deeper parts of me. It was beautiful to have a focus on the womb and afterwards feeling like it could literally carry more… more emotions, love, consciousness. Marya is unique in the way she guides the workshop with her loving, healing, truthful and inspiring presence. Thank you for a fulfilling weekend!

Britta Hamner, Sweden

The most important part within me – a deep core that is connected to an original source of life energy, joy, playfulness, sensuality, wildness, creativity…receives in each course with you, a big dose of the highest quality of nourishment… then it sprouts, grows and flowers… so that I at times feel completely drunk with happiness and wellbeing…
Thank you for the sacred rooms where you are the source of inspiration and where we all explore and make our bodies, motions, feelings, senses, voices visible… as individuals and in the meetings with others… and dare to let new expressions be created in the moment… I feel a very strong trust in you and your work…

Britta Hamner, Sweden

Thank you for your seeing eyes… your wisdom and endurance… your work is going very deep and means so much to me… on many levels…

Wilka Aysha Zelders, Holland

I feel very blessed to have met Marya Norell and to be able to make an exciting journey with her. She offers beautiful, healing and exciting retreats for women who want to (re)connect with their powerful Shakti energy. ‘Shakti Delight and The Womens Way’ are the ones that I am part of. Before I met Marya I started learning and teaching another body of work called ‘The Art of The Feminine Presence’ And thanks to that I have been able to find my bowl of safety inside my own body, my wombspace. Without that I would probably not have dared to open up to the true treasures of my sexual energy. And then the Universe brought to me Marya with her joy, experience and wisdom. I deeply feel my trust in her, which is so very important for this delicate and yet fearless approach of my feminine sexuality and all that has been pushed into the Shadow! The 3-day retreat ‘Shakti Delight’ has already changed my life! Even though I still face quite a few fears, I can now at least see them! And … I feel so much more Shakti energy moving through my body. I love it!