Wilka Aysha Zelders, Holland

I feel very blessed to have met Marya Norell and to be able to make an exciting journey with her. She offers beautiful, healing and exciting retreats for women who want to (re)connect with their powerful Shakti energy. ‘Shakti Delight and The Womens Way’ are the ones that I am part of. Before I met Marya I started learning and teaching another body of work called ‘The Art of The Feminine Presence’ And thanks to that I have been able to find my bowl of safety inside my own body, my wombspace. Without that I would probably not have dared to open up to the true treasures of my sexual energy. And then the Universe brought to me Marya with her joy, experience and wisdom. I deeply feel my trust in her, which is so very important for this delicate and yet fearless approach of my feminine sexuality and all that has been pushed into the Shadow! The 3-day retreat ‘Shakti Delight’ has already changed my life! Even though I still face quite a few fears, I can now at least see them! And … I feel so much more Shakti energy moving through my body. I love it!