Jeroen van der Sluis, Agnes’s Partner

My experience with the Woman’s Way weekends:
I think that the WW weekend bring out the best in women. From the important feeling of self esteem to sensual beauty. I have surrendered new ways of massage and also new ways of sex. Both in the presence of music that was never in our house before.
Every weekend when she got home it was very special. It is nice to hear her stories. I have opened my mind and my heart by listening to her experience and her knowledge. Therefore we got the change to grow together. As a man I learned that I can use my senses more, there is a lot of beautiful things to learn.
When you share the new knowledge, feelings and emotions and be open without judgements, you reach a new level in your relationship. We have grown towards each other, with each other, spiritually, sensually and even more important sexuall.