Couple Sessions

Shakti Shiva stenA love relationship can be one of the most beautiful experiences we can have in our lives, but still it is in our relationships we often encounter the deepest challenges. When the honeymoon is over and the falling in love phase is over, many uninvited guests tend to invite themselves into the relationship; distrust, jealousy, control, shame, guilt, unworthiness and emotional chock. Especially in relationships where love is strong, that which is in the way of love, soon seem to show itself.

Many couples feel helpless and frustrated over all hindrances and resistances that suddenly appears, like dark clouds on the just before so blue sky. to learn to love for real, both oneself and ones partner, care for love and dare to grow in love is not always something we have learned and that is why it is important to get support and guidance, so that the uninvited guests, mentioned above, don’t take over the show completely and the separation/divorce is a fact.

A lot of the work in relationships is to dare to show one’s helplessness and vulnerability, but also to dare to face the fear that is often hidden behind our destructive behaviors, and start to love and accept oneself. To learn that we men and women are sitting in the same boat and can help and support each other to be in our hearts and true power instead of keeping the barricades up. How does one allow love to win? How are men’s defenses built differently than women’s? How does one grow healthy relationships and break the destructive patterns? And when should one stay in a relationship and when is it time to move on? What is the difference between men’s and women’s need of relating? How do we open for deeper intimacy How do we take care of each other’s sensitivity and by that allowing the love flow in the relationship? How do we support each other to become whole individuals and still be in deep intimacy together?

These and many other questions can be the reason that you and your partner choose to book a couple session. Marya has many years of experience to support couples and she has a deep knowledge and understanding of men’s and women’s conditioning when it comes to intimate relationships.

To book a session contact Marya preferably by e-mail, otherwise by phone on +33 (0)7 83 83 94 90.