Passion of the Feminine Heart

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3 days retreat

3 days retreat



An awakening program in personal and spiritual growth for women

Womens Way

After another sold-out program for 2016, Women’s Way, consisting of 4 retreats times 4 days, is starting for the fifth time in the Netherlands in March 2017.

Maybe one or more of these questions addresses you and might also be why you have been led to Women’s Way:


  • Do you find it difficult to love your self?
  • Are you suffering from low self-esteem and lacking self-confidence?
  • Are you scared to feel certain feelings and feel numbed out as a result?
  • Do you often judge yourself, feel not good enough as you are and are you driven by perfectionism?
  • Do you put other people first in line to take care of and neglect to care for yourself?
  • Do you loose yourself in relationships, depending on love from others?
  • Do you lack healthy boundaries and wonder where your feminine power is hiding?
  • Are you more or less dissatisfied sexually?
  • Do you miss feeling the spark of life?
  • Are you energetically sensitive, which makes you often feel overwhelmed and blocked?
  • Do you feel restricted and withhold your true self?

Or as a participant describes it before she started the 2015 program:

“I would love to dare to shine my brightest light, without holding back, so that I can do what I am meant to do in this life…so that I can live my purpose, stand in my own power and make use of my inner wisdom more.

I want to let go of trying to control life and trust more to go with the loving flow of it. I want to be able to fullheartedly say ’’yes’’ to being a woman (and so a goddess).

I want to dare to be wilder, laugh and dance more. I would like to be more in touch with my creativity; gain the ability to make use of my intuition even more consciously, opening myself more to love and self-love. And saying bye-bye to any upcoming feelings of guilt and shame in terms of fun and pleasure.”

Women’s Way is an awakening and healing journey with the same circle of women, together exploring feminine potential, self-worth, sexuality, empowerment, integrity and true sisterhood.

In this unique program you are invited to take leadership over your own life in all its aspects. If you want to live your full potential it starts with being willing to take care of and love yourself on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

With this approach to life new realities are created and more constructive behavioral patterns are appearing in your professional life, in your intimate relationships and towards yourself.

Women’s Way is an in-depth program for you who are looking for something that is more than the average. The teaching is based on heart-centered spirituality and is a well-balanced mix between experiencing, reflection, expression and manifestation.

Women’s Way is providing conditions for You as Woman to grow and evolve whether it is in your role as mother, career woman, partner or lover. Forget all about doing and performing, you are here for you and simply be you!

Old beliefs about yourself are changed, limiting borders are moved and you get the possibility to grow in a safe and allowing atmosphere. You are moved into your own inner integrity, to stand in your self-esteem and to find your power from inside out instead of the other way around.

Women’s Way is for every woman with a longing to merge integrity, self-worth and self-realization with clarity and feminine power. Women’s Way is about coming home to your Self and unleashing your inner Goddess, so that she can manifest herself in a balanced way in your everyday life.

Marya Norell, who is the founder and main teacher of Women’s Way, has for the past 16 years created several retreats and trainings for women within personal and spiritual growth. She has inspired thousands of women to come into contact with their true potential.  Women’s Way has so far been offered for eight consecutive years in Sweden, Norway and Holland.

First Retreat – Embodied

Second Retreat – Alive

Third Retreat – Empowered

Fourth Retreat – Divine


Women’s Way Schedule 2017

First Retreat – Embodied: March 30 – April 2

Second Retreat – Alive: June 22 – 25

Third Retreat – Empowered: August 31 – Sept 3

Fourth Retreat – Divine: November 16 – 19

– Practical Informations –


Course price: 1995€

Food & Accomodation price for 16 days: 985€ – Standard Accomodation in dormitory. There is the possibilty to upgrade and pay extra for a double or single room.

Registration and payment: To reserve your space, fill out the registration form and pay your registration fee of 287€ (included in the course price).

Payment Options

Times for the 4 retreats: Thursday 10.00 to Sunday 17.00

Location: Venwoude, Vuurse Steg 1, Lage Vuursche –

Contact & Info: Nicky de Koning,

Curious about the program? Speak directly with a Women’s Way graduate:

Do you feel curious and perhaps a tingle of excitement after reading all this? Do you still have questions? In addition to Nicky, we also have a group of Women’s Way graduates, that you can speak directly with. You get to ask your questions and also hear from first-hand experience.

You can make an appointment with them via FB or mail:

If cancellation occurs the following applies: