Passion of the Feminine Heart

Marya currently offers the following programs for women:


One year program


3 days retreat

3 days retreat


Evening Meetings with Marya Norell



– Are you longing to live your full feminine potential?

– Do you want to uncover your feminine power and allow your light to shine fully?

– Are you ready to open your heart and unleash your Goddess?

Through the feminine practices and meditations, healing and transformation happen. In a safe and loving environment, you are offered the possibility to open beyond any inhibiting layers into who you truly are, allowing your heart to rejoice as the light of love.

“Every heart is a wondrous sunrise of innocence, radiating life’s endless potential, as the only possibility there is.” ~ Matt Kahn

Marya Norell works as an inspirational and passionate facilitator in spiritual self-development and human potential, for individuals, couples and groups. She is a world traveller, creating sacred space, women’s retreats, couple workshops, dance gatherings and private sessions for over 25 years.

Ramya is a devotee to bringing balance into the body, heart and soul. She has a deep, loving heart and a laser sharp focus.

It is her passion to inspire you to live your full potential – using both her extensive training and rich life experience, as well as her intuitive guidance.


>> These evenings will also give you a taste of the work Ramya does and to feel into if you want to join an upcoming retreat or year program.

Her most extensive program is Women’s Way – an in-depth journey of 4 retreats over one year, starting in March 2017 for the 5th consecutive year in the Netherlands.

Comments of participants from previous Women Heart Gatherings:

“There still is a beautiful silence inside of me. Thank you all for the lovely evening.”

“It was a wonderful, powerful evening in Haarlem. Thank you Annemieke for hosting this evening and Ramya for the delightful experience!! “

“Ik vond het helemaal super gisteravond. Thank you dear Ramya for the lovely evening and your beautiful energy. Love to see you again in the future.”