Passion of the Feminine Heart

Marya currently offers the following programs for women:


One year program


3 days retreat



3-days Retreat

A sacred, transformative and healing journey in a women’s circle, reclaiming your feminine power, nurturing your feminine soul and unleashing the Goddess within!

  • Do you find it difficult to love your self?
  • Are you struggling with connecting and listening to your inner truth and your intuition?
  • Are you suffering from low self-esteem and lacking self-confidence?
  • Do you put other people first in line to take care of and forget about yourself?
  • Do you loose yourself in relationships, depending on love from others?
  • Do you find it challenging to respond to all the demands of life and are you driven by doing and perfectionism?
  • Do you lack healthy boundaries and wonder where your feminine power is hiding?
  • Do you feel that you are withholding the Goddess within to shine her light?
  • Do you live mostly in the head and feel detached from your body?

Woman and Goddess was created 16 years ago as a response to Marya’s quest in finding a more feminine-oriented spirituality. It started with a four-day retreat in Sweden, which then moved to the Netherlands and now is offered as a three-day retreat.

During these days, you get to:

  • Experience how to reclaim your natural power and radiance
  • Explore your unique qualities and gifts
  • Learn the most powerful self-love and self-care tools
  • Tap into your wisdom and intuitive guidance
  • Share from your true essence and full womanhood
  • Enjoy feminine embodiment practices that will dance you, rock you and heal you
  • Move from doing to being, in alignment with and in surrender to life
  • Be part of an ancient sacred Hawaiian Temple ritual
  • Build true sisterhood beyond comparison and competition
  • Embody your Goddess and allow her light to shine as never before

The retreat is known for its quality of depth and transformation, inviting new paradigms for women to move in the world as everyday Goddesses, grounded, empowered and radiant.

Marya is passionately dedicated to serve women in opening to their inner truth, in reclaiming their divinity, in owning their power and living from their true potential. Thousands of women have been inspired by her Passion of Heart women programs. Marya has a deep, loving heart, a laser sharp focus and teaches from her extensive training and rich life experience, as well as her strong intuitive guidance.

Marya shares about Blossoming Women:

”When I look back to the very first gathering in year 2000, what then was baby steps into something new, a feminine-oriented spirituality, I am in awe. I had no role models to follow, I was really shaky before the first retreat, but I received so much support, inspiration and guidance from the Universe. Out of Woman and Goddess, the year program Women’s Way was created and several other workshops.

So many women have passed through and it feels amazing to be part of inspiring a Women’s Global Awakening Movement, which of course is in alignment with the shift that is happening right now on the planet, where there never before has been so many people awakening.”