The Five Tibetans Rites

Today’s video will show you a powerful way to activate your life energy, vitalize your hormonal glands, align the chakras and, it is even said, to rejuvenate you! 

A little background to the video:

I had a dear friend visiting me in 1991 and he introduced me to the Five Tibetan rites – also referred to as The Fountain of Youth. He said he was doing this 10-minute rejuvenating and energy balancing practice since many years and invited me to do it with him. 

Even though I could feel this really could be a great way to start my day, as he was doing it, it still took me a long time before I actually made this a daily practice in my own life. I had this thing of starting something off, being really enthusiastic and then dropping it after not a very long time. Then eventually starting again, to drop it again…maybe some of you recognize this 😉 This was again another variation of not valuing myself enough, as I wrote about yesterday. 

Someone has said that it takes 30 days of repetition for the subconscious mind to register a new habit and up to a year, before it is really a permanent habit.

In the video I show you the Five Tibetan Rites, as they were shown to me and I also have added some more yoga moves that I like to do in addition:

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