Shakti Training Level 1 – Ibiza

April 6, 2017 – April 13, 2017 all-day
Humita Kanhai

Due to the great success of the first edition, we will organize a second Shakti Training Level 1 on magic Ibiza. Same venue, same teacher, different group ♥

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This training given in two separate 7-day modules, is aimed towards women who already work with women’s circles or who are therapist/coach for women and would like to lead other women in opening to their Shakti power (life energy), into expanding their sexuality and unleashing their sensuality.

Many women are suffering from low self-esteem, unworthiness and trauma in this area of life. In the Shakti Training, we specifically address this and you will learn methods, techniques and exercises in how to heal and empower women, as well as guiding your own Shakti Temple Circles.

Ibiza Shakti Training_Marya Norell-4652_smallMarya will share from her experience of leading hundreds of women who, through the last 10 years, have participated in her Shakti Delight retreats; as well as giving you access to what she has collected and refined from her extensive training in Holistic Body-work, Tantra, Tao, Trauma healing, Breath work and Shamanism.

The training will be a mix of theory and practical implementation, so that it becomes embodied knowledge.

It will be an exclusive 7-day training in a luxurious villa with a maximum of 18 participants: a small experienced group of women, high quality content and profound training.

Connecting you with the Magic of Ibiza, the transforming healing energies that make this island so special. Whether you put it down to the quartz in the soil, over 300 days of sunshine per year, or the stunning beaches and hidden turquoise coves. Ibiza has a unique overall vibe. The beautiful villa where the training takes place has the most idyllic position on the island. The views are breathtaking and the silence is magnificent.

Who is this training for?
✽ You already work with women circles.
✽ You work as a therapist/coach with women
✽ You feel called to expand your work into the field of sexuality and guide women on the Shakti path.
✽ You would like to learn from the 10 years experience Marya has gathered through her Shakti Delight retreats and want to have access to her Shakti toolbox.
✽ You have followed the Women Facilitator training and want to learn more.

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The Shakti Training will be given in two levels and in the form of residential retreats on Ibiza of seven days each.

Level 1 will cover:
✽ How to ground in the body and open to the Shakti power
✽ Breathwork
✽ Specific touch, dance and movement exercises
✽ Feminine sexuality & sensuality
✽ Masculine & feminine energy principles
✽ Tao and Tantric techniques for women

Level 1 will support to you to embody the Shakti practices that Marya has developed for her Shakti Delight 3 day retreat and level 2 is more focused on how to lead similar Shakti workshops.

Level 1: April 6th 2017 17.00h – April 13th 2017 10.00h
Level 2: October 14th 2017 17.00h – October 21st 2017 10.00h

Early-bird Fee for level 1 (for a registration before February 25th, 2017):
♥ Group Room €947
♥ Double/Queen bedroom (2 persons in 1 room) €1047
♥ 2 Single bedroom (2 persons in 2 separate beds) €1097
♥ Private Room (Single Occupancy) €1377
Please be aware that these prices are exclusive the VAT of 21%.

Normal Fee for level 1 (for a registration after February 25th, 2017):
♥ Group Room €997
♥ Double/Queen bedroom (2 persons in 1 room) €1147
♥ 2 Single bedroom (2 persons in 2 separate beds) €1177
♥ Private Room (Single Occupancy) €1447
Please be aware that these prices are exclusive the VAT of 21%.

The prices are per person and includes:
• Certificate of the Shakti Training Level 1 Ibiza
• Rich daily program of holistic body-work, tantra, tao, trauma healing, breathwork and shamanism.
• 8 days, 7 nights in the luxurious villa
• Outstanding Yogic Vegetarian (Organic) food from the Island, 3 meals per day
• Around 40 hours of training
• Hiking tour
• One to one tuition and support at all times
• Time for relaxing by the pool and explore stunning
• Free time to explore the island

The price is not including:
• Travel costs
• Travel and cancellation insurance (mandatory)
• Massages

Ibiza Shakti Training_Marya Norell-4465_small

We practice in a gorgeous spacious room, relax by the pool in the breaks and we hopefully eat outside every day!
We have lots of space to process, to be alone and to come together. April is a very special time of the year to be on the island, when everything is waking up after the winter sleep and the season is starting…

Each day our super tasty, nutritious and delicious vegetarian menu, using locally sourced, organic products, is specifically designed to support our training to the fullest. The food is a real gift! ♥

It feels like a beautiful blessing to be able to share this amazing venue and this new program; the amazing teachings and experiences of lovely Marya Norell. Wonderful not only for the opulence but also for the powerful feeling of the island Ibiza, the energy and the closeness to the splendor of Mother Nature.
Every day you have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful massage, go into nature or jump in the pool!
All in all, a trip into another type of reality and of course, this week is a strong training with powerful content but also holiday at the same time. On top of this all, there is always a lot of joy, love and exchange with all the beautiful women that will be part of this training.

REGISTRATION: Please send an e-mail to to register!