Shakti Delight – Estonia

August 24, 2018 – August 26, 2018 all-day

Shakti Delight 3-days Retreat

♥ Do you find that your sexual potential could be expressed or lived more fully? ♥ Are you longing to feel more alive and in touch with your feminine power? ♥ Does your body feel inhibited when it comes to pleasure and sensuality? ♥ Are your intimate relationships challenging, non-existing or in need of upgrade?

All of this and more will be addressed in Shakti Delight where you will:

•    Learn tantric techniques and meditations for sexual wellbeing
•    Explore your feminine passion potential
•    Discover your sensuous flow
•    Move beyond inhibiting sexual conditioning
•    Learn how to create more fulfilling and nourishing relationships
•    Enhance your love life

Shakti comes from Sanskrit and means divine life energy. Shakti Delight invites you to freely express your life force, your feminine power, your sensuality, your love and your light as well as learning to expand your sexual energy, opening to more pleasure and ecstasy.

Since many of us carry conditioning which can be inhibiting to our sexuality and life energy, emphasis is also about healing whatever is in the way for you to flower into your unique Shakti. We also look at the way women move in intimate relating and create awareness, so that you can live from a position of more wholeness in your intimate relationships.

Finally Shakti Delight invites you to celebrate your fullness as an embodied Goddess, here to shine your light and share your love as a gift to all.