Conscious Breathing

Thank you for being here and allowing me to share what I have always been passionate about!

It took me many years to finally find a spiritual path that fitted me. As a result of being energetically sensitive, as many of us are, we have often felt overwhelmed and even traumatized by events in our lives.

This has led to an over-stimulated nervous system, has built up tension, which leads us to disconnect from  body, as the body is not a safe place to be in, due to all the tension.

This in turn creates a feeling of fear of life, of not being fully alive, of numbness, of not being able to feel or express feelings, as well having difficulties to relax and just be the shining Goddesses that we are.

Our life energy is supposed to move all around, imagine the blood vessels and nerves like energy circuits, that when we are not grounded in our bodies, become like dried-out riverbeds and no water is nourishing the lands. When the life energy, chi or prana, is flowing everywhere through our bodies we feel vitalized, energized, but foremost the light that we are can shine through the body, which is the gift we are meant to bring to the planet in this time of global awakening.

This light has never been destroyed no matter what happened to us, is always there no matter how much tension there is or how bodily disconnected we feel.

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