Shakti Delight – Estonia
Aug 24 – Aug 26 all-day

Shakti Delight 3-days Retreat

♥ Do you find that your sexual potential could be expressed or lived more fully? ♥ Are you longing to feel more alive and in touch with your feminine power? ♥ Does your body feel inhibited when it comes to pleasure and sensuality? ♥ Are your intimate relationships challenging, non-existing or in need of upgrade?

All of this and more will be addressed in Shakti Delight where you will:

•    Learn tantric techniques and meditations for sexual wellbeing
•    Explore your feminine passion potential
•    Discover your sensuous flow
•    Move beyond inhibiting sexual conditioning
•    Learn how to create more fulfilling and nourishing relationships
•    Enhance your love life

Shakti comes from Sanskrit and means divine life energy. Shakti Delight invites you to freely express your life force, your feminine power, your sensuality, your love and your light as well as learning to expand your sexual energy, opening to more pleasure and ecstasy.

Since many of us carry conditioning which can be inhibiting to our sexuality and life energy, emphasis is also about healing whatever is in the way for you to flower into your unique Shakti. We also look at the way women move in intimate relating and create awareness, so that you can live from a position of more wholeness in your intimate relationships.

Finally Shakti Delight invites you to celebrate your fullness as an embodied Goddess, here to shine your light and share your love as a gift to all.


Blossoming Women Retreat – Netherlands
Sep 14 – Sep 16 all-day

Blossoming Women – Flowering into your Full Feminine Potential – 3-day Retreat

What would it be like to feel fully alive and flourishing in all areas of your life? To be truly at home in your feminine body, enjoying your sensuous self, empowered in your essence and allowing yourself to truly shine…

A luscious life of passion, purpose and personal power is possible for all of us. It starts with loving yourself enough to make the most conscious, caring choices each day. As you move more towards your most fulfilling life and a deeper connection to yourself, your inner light radiates more and more, which in turn affects everyone around you to awaken into their full potential.

Welcome to a sacred, transformative and healing journey in a wise women’s circle, to nurture your feminine soul and unleash the goddess within!

During this retreat you will learn:

  • the most essential tools to attain feminine flowering
  • how to practice self-love
  • to tap into your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance
  • how to flower as woman and shine your true power


Time: Friday September 14 starting at 10.00 till Sunday September 16 at 18.00.

Location: Venwoude, Vuurse Steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuursche –

Special price for this retreat : 427€ (normal price 487€)

– Accommodation in dormitory – Possibility to upgrade to a single or a double room. The reservation needs to be done directly with Venwoude:
– Organic vegan food, 3 meals/day

Booking&Info: Elie,

Testimonials from previous participants:

“Do you want to know what the world looks like when you let your heart see it? Soften and melt your armour, let your feelings come alive and carbonate your body and dwell in a deep relaxed sisterhood that you did not know existed.” Vajra

”During these days I found out how important it is for women to be together. To spend real time together so we can see how beautiful we are. Thank you so much for this great gift.” Petra

“Goddess Marya is what she says, what she does, what she doesn’t do. She is so passionate and capable. Her goddess awakens your goddess, and then that inner power in contact with all that inner strength. That is what the earth needs. Us women, we make the difference. what is more beautiful then bringing so much care and love to your own goddess because you are a contribution. Living is Joy.” Marijke

“This retreat is a wonderful gift for yourself and for everybody in your surrounding! I have learned and seen so much. It opened my heart again.” Annemieke