Marya Norell

Ibiza kneeling down-webinarI am a women’s facilitator, a spiritual midwife, a relationship coach, a tao/tantric practitioner and a world traveller. Since my twenties, I have been a passionate creator of transformational growth programs that support people to awaken and embody who they really are. In the past 16 years it has also become my focus and mission to accompany women on the path of awakening into full flowering.

When I started my spiritual journey as a teenager with attending a meditation course, it became the start of a life-long and still going on journey of discovering, learning, training, integrating, applying and giving on to other people.
At some point I was inspired to explore feminine spirituality, and at that time I couldn’t find any spiritual women circles. So I had to create them myself, and as I was exploring this new path with other women I learned to refine my skills and abilities.

I have learned from many different paths and traditions. I was so fiercely engaged in the path of enlightenment and even lived in an ashram for a few years, to attain the liberation that I was looking for. After experiencing a shift in consciousness during one of my retreats, I still pushed myself so hard that my body became very sick and I had to slow down. In that time I had a hormonal burnout and I encountered the darkest spaces that even made me think of killing myself, as the suffering was so intense. It was also a healing journey as I met one of my deepest childhood traumas, facing the near-death experience of my mother.

From that life-changing and healing experience, I have redirected my path towards a much more loving approach, cultivating self-love and self-appreciation in every moment. I have become more gentle with myself and I make sure that I take care of myself in the very best way possible on a daily base.
I am transmitting a life of experiences that I have polished for all these years and it is my passion to be part of people’s awakening journeys and bringing spirituality into an everyday life. I am also more devoted than ever before, to support women to blossom in all areas of their lives. I have just birthed a new online academy called Blossoming Women, so that more women can receive and benefit from the programs I have developed for women.

I recently moved to the Netherlands from the South of France together with my beloved Elie, who is a musician and sound healer. Together with him I lead Living Intimacy for Lovers, retreats for people who want to awaken through intimate relationships.


Said about Marya and what she shares:

She is challenging and loving. She sees us participants. She gives fantastic feed-back.

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